i’ve never really been into new year resolutions. nobody ever seems to follow through with them once they claim that cursed title. & they have also become so secular. i haven’t wanted to join the drones at the gym who flood in during january in their new lululemon gear & sneakers & dwindle away by mid march. because the premise behind making resolutions is supposed to be more than that. it is a promise to be better. to perform small acts of kindness or focus on self improvement in a global sense. i should be larger than yourself. & this year i just really want to get behind a resolution that means something & follow through with it. i want to make sure that the goals i set for myself from here on out are bigger than just me. that they can make an impact. so i have decided that in 2014 once a week i am going to ‘pay it forward’ & perform a random act of grace. i am not going to set parameters. i will see where the project takes me & i will see where it takes others. i am eager for this. i need something to fill this void that i often carry around in my heart that tells me i should be doing more. that life exists outside of my bubble. that my bubble is in fact quite small. it is miniscule in the greater scheme of things. & i am also going to document this experience under the hashtag #randomactsofgrace. i urge you to participate with me & share your experiences. & see how grace can change the world. how it can change our own hearts.

You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you

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