glam squad

introducing the chloe + isabel undreamed shores / spring 2014 collection. inspired by an ethereal, under-the-sea landscape of iridescent shimmer, marine greens + coral bursts. this season features gray mother-of-pearl in our ocean lace collection // crystal & lapis seaside tresor charms // coral, turquoise & crystal in the seascape collection // & new organic metals in 12k gold plating. come shop with me & help say say ADIOS to winter!

R058-7-b R043G-7-c N246-a N243-a N233G-a N232IR-b N236-a N238C-a N226B-a N214IR-a N001S-a E211C-b E205-a E209BL-a E209C-a E205-b E206-b E210-a E211BL-b E208C-b E202-c E202-b C019-a B196-c B194-a B196-b B189G-b

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