what happened to my baby…

who replaced her with this running, climbing, exploring little girl. seriously. she’s so big. like she gets on & off the couch by herself…. WHAT? i thought i had more time. she now decides when she will do something & for how long. or when she will not do something. she tests us, already. she knows the word ‘no’ but her darting eyes make me also realize she knows the word ‘defiant.’ she is a firecracker. she has a little bit of her mama in her. she looks around for us before she does something she is not supposed to. she is smart. everyone says this about their child i know. but if you’ve ever read this blog, or know me personally, you know i am a straight shooter. i’d say she was dumb as rocks, if she was (just like how i talk about her unfortunate receding hairline). but she’s not. i can almost see the wheels turning in there. the thought process. which is something magical about children. you can almost see how the brain works. how each piece works & unfolds. we have also progressed from my last post about baby signing. she now signs 4 words: milk, drink, more & all-done. she also knows & responds to many more but those she clearly uses her signs for. verbal words include: mama, dada, us (for gus) & hi. she says hi over & over & over. she loves strangers. we will have to work on that. but every day she learns something new & surprises me. i just don’t understand where the past year went. next thing i know she’s going to be teaching me math (that literally isn’t that far away with the math skills i posses). but the one thing i am looking forward to in regards to her growth is the clothes! heavens to betsy the clothes! baby girl clothes are cute yes but they’re so hard to display correctly with the diapers & the non walking etc. & the appreciation for shoes is only just beginning. TODDLER girl clothes, now we’re talking! when she can fit into crewcuts… oh lawd her daddy is in trouble. here are some of my favorites that i may or may not have already purchased for miss madison.

toddler girls want list

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