to keep your thoughts

& to do lists. & notes. & doodles. & plans. & dreams. i needed a space to collect my world. i had post its, iphone reminders, desktop memos, saved pictures of text messages, you name it. it was clutter & it was chaos & i needed to organize the mess. so i invested in a new notebook. it’s been awhile since i have written in a “journal.” but it feels good. it’s part work & part personal. but it’s all in one glorious spot!! it gives me pleasure to know that everything is in there & organized // at the same time it gives me pure anxiety that i will lose it. it is pink. it says ‘eat cake for breakfast’ in gold foil. if you come across it in the snow nyc, please send it back to me. because i will be freaking out over here if you find it.

all this being said i wanted to share some of my favorite journal sites with you. my next one will most certainly be from may designs. you can design it yourself & personalize the cover. you can also customize the inside according to your needs (be in a yearly planner, a journal, a wedding diary, baby diary, lined or unlined, a children’s notebook, etc.). minted has also gotten into this market of personalized journals. me likey.



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