the past week of being unplugged at first gave me more anxiety than it did peace. for the first 48 hours i kept clicking into my facebook & my instagram on my apps then immediately tapping the circle button like a mad woman on my phone. i hadn’t realized how engrained these were into my day to day life. they were just instincts. & the more i realized it the more it became apparent that it simply can’t be a good thing. we are all so obsessed with our phones these days that they are taking away from actual human interaction. my husband & i sit on the couch together both on our phones rather than actually talking to one another. i miss the conversations we used to have when we had flip phones. when our phones were just a way to get a hold of each other when we weren’t together. now they have become an integral part of our lives & it’s sad. brian has even slept with his. he picks it up no matter where he goes & i am at fault for the same. like i said it has become an almost automatic response. but i truly hope that from now on i can be more aware. that if i am checking status updates & instagrams & tweets it is when i’m not sitting on the couch with my husband, wasting the precious time that we don’t often get together. or when i am out to dinner with a good friend catching up. or worst of all, when my daughter wants to play with me. i hope that i don’t let it intrude on my life. into moments with people that i can’t get back. or let it take over. i know that i won’t ever give it up cold turkey. & to be honest i don’t want to, even after these revelations, but i do really hope that i can be more aware & that the people around me can to. there is honestly nothing worse than talking to someone & they take out there phone & look away from you. people underestimate the importance of eye contact & good conversation. it’s rare to have someone’s full attention. i want to give it. & i plan on being as hands free as possible when in the midst of my friends & family.

during this lenten season + beyond, please help me to be present, truly present, in the lives of the people around me

mardi gras 222
mardi gras 2014mardi gras 222-3


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