beyond measure


so i value stay at home moms, i think they are brave & strong & crazy & downright wonderful. this post is not meant to devalue them but THIS post is about working moms. this post is about those moms who only got 6-12 weeks at home with their little one (never enough). who had to recover in various ways. healing themselves while still being there every second for that newborn. who had to learn to breast feed & pump & nurture in such a short time. who had to then pass their child on to a nanny or a daycare. who has to hear about what their child learned & what games they played from someone else. who doesn’t get to witness all their firsts, and who should. who has to sit in conference rooms & on bathroom floors & in storage closets to pump milk at work for their child at home. who has to deal with leaking breasts & tired eyes in meetings & with co-workers. those moms who have to lug around all the equipment and coolers to & from the office everyday. who have to avert darting eyes when they slip away every few hours. the moms who then rush out of work on time to go pick up their child, get them home and bathed & fed and still make time for stories & playtime & giggles. the moms who live for the weekend when they get to spend 48 glorious hours with their child. 48 of 168. THIS post is to tell THOSE moms that you’re awesome. i think we are. sometimes i am bewildered about how much time i used to have. if you’re a working mama, you know this face…


& you hate it. you know how hard it is to say goodbye every morning. how you are late to work sometimes because you just want to get in one last fishy kiss, one last cuddle, one last hug. & you hate this sad face. it makes every single day that much harder. because you want to be on the other side of that door. so moms like me, who don’t have the privilege of being home every day, i say cheers to you. to us. for working full time & still make every single waking hour we aren’t working about our children. because as much as i hate this face, it also means i am doing something right. how lucky am i to have something that makes saying goodbye to so hard? how lucky am i that she doesn’t want me to go? how lucky am i that she loves me that much? … beyond measure

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