the embarrassing mom


this weekend we spent a lot of time outside! spring has sprung so everyone is saying. I couldn’t help myself but look around at all the moms and babies and people swinging from the trees with delight at the warm weather & think, I am a hip mom. I’m cool. I’m with it. I thought this to myself as my finger was knuckle deep in Madison’s nose picking boogers for her, and then it hit me. OH MY GAWD, I am already the embarrassing mom!!!! and she’s only one year old. I have already fallen into this category. I quickly checked the length of my shorts to make sure that they were indeed above the knee. i also quickly checked to make sure lipstick didn’t stain my teeth. phew. at least those two things are going for me. but yes (insert sigh here) i am already the embarrassing mom. i even found myself licking my finger & wiping food, grime & other random objects off her face, which triggered many memories of my own mother doing this and me pushing her away from me as hard as i could. she was like a mama cat always trying to groom me, and here i am. just draw some whiskers on me. meow. sniffing her butt at any & all random times, picking her nose, licking her face, picking in her ears, biting & filing her nails that grow back every single day (yes i said biting… don’t judge), posting pictures of her in her birthday suit, picking lint & corn out of her belly button… the list goes on. if my hem lines keep dropping, and if i ever start shopping for shoes at aerosoles, please stop me.

in the spirit of trying to stay forever young & not TOO embarrassing, I’ve compiled a list of mommy appropriate but cute “playground” shoes. now go out and PLAY!


playground shoes


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