these arms are yours


i’m staring at her. she’s laying in our bed, burying herself in the pillows, then peeking out to make sure i’m still watching her. and she’s smiling. that smile. i never knew what that smile would mean, or that anyone’s smile COULD mean so much. it is the entire world squeezed into a single tiny body. she is my best day. my dream. my weekend. she is my wild & crazy.  my favorite cuddle. she is my light. my arms are hers to hold. as a reminder that this body is truly not mine anymore & that everything i do now will be for her, I decided to do this:


it is her birthdate. it will be a constant reminder to be selfless for her sake. to play when she wants to play, even if i am tired. to read to her when she hands me a book, even if i’ve already read it 100 times. to hold her when she wants to be held & let her go when she wants to explore. to love her every day of my life. it is also a reminder of my husband, who gave me this great gift. it’s written in his handwriting. they will both be with me wherever i go. this person i am now, and this place where i live. it’s where i was always meant to be. they are my best adventure.


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