beach babes


summer with a toddler is a lot of fun AND a lot of work!! madison is in full on exploration mode. when we are out she wants nothing to do with a stroller or being held. all i hear is ‘down down down’ from her. and so we oblige, which has led to many moments of falling down, skinned knees, being knocked over & verrrrrry slow walks home, because she has to stop & say hello to everyone & touch every single thing she sees (while also trying to eat every piece of trash we pass). and there is a LOT of trash on the nyc sidewalks. but you live & you learn. nothing makes me happier than seeing her explore. even if I have to swat a million things out of her hands & carry around a box of bandaids in my back pocket. summer with a toddler so far is the BEST! (ps somebody likes fried oreos)

& for escaping the city streets to boardwalks & ocean fronts, here are some of my favorite items for little beach babes this summer. we also couldn’t live without this sunscreen  (on sale now) & we are dying for all of these beach bags!!

beach bum

neon hair bows / like a boss tank / baby rickshaw designs sun hat /ruffled tankini / make them boys go loco tank (also have make them girls go loco tank) / salt water sandals for jcrew / waves & babes tank / sun onesie / pineapple bloomers / fresh prince tank / little miss sunshine tank / towel poncho / ruffled rash guard bikini

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