monday in micro fashion / jcrew baby + mommy & me style + first hair cut

we finally got rid of the mullet!!! la dee da! madison had her first haircut. she was too petrified to move the entire time which ended up being a good thing because she was so still. she sat in my lap & ate fruit snacks (her favorite bribe besides jelly beans) and was a very good little subject. there were no tears, which i was grateful for. i was very nervous about that. nobody likes to be the mom with the screaming baby. and now she has a very 1920’s flapper bob with bangs to match. shes’ really channeling twiggy right now.

and to show off her new do, we took some photos around the neighborhood. and i realize that i am clearly not introducing anyone to jcrew, and if i am…get off the internet immediately & please go outside & explore the world you live in. however, not all of you might realize that jcrew now does BABY! and i am obsessssssed. the prints are adorable & the material is that super soft cotton that we have come to know and love jcrew for. there is even baby cashmere for the chicest of littles, an amazing swim collection featuring a collaboration with rickshaw designs & a shoe line featuring collaborations with salt water sandals & sperry. i really can’t get enough y’all (even though my wallet disagrees). some of my favorite items are also listed below. happy monday & happy shopping.

jcrew-3jcrew-6jcrew-10jcrew-12jcrew-16jcrew-17jcrew-19kisses one-piece / denim shorts / gold boardwalk sandals / gold glitter hair bow

kisses t-shirt (similar here) / green pleated shorts / birkenstocks

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