happy birthday ‘merica

it’s official, madison is becoming a little girl. she’s not a baby anymore. she’s gotten so big. part of me can’t handle it. part of me adores it. i am constantly on an emotional roller coaster watching her grow. but she gives me love everyday. even more so now that she can express it. her hugs & kisses can make anything better. she’s even starting to say i love you mama which just makes my heart burst. knowing that i was put on this earth to be her protector & her companion fills me with so much purpose. i would do anything for her. & i am also so grateful we are able to give her a good life. that we are blessed enough & living in a country great enough that she can dream & accomplish & be anything she wants to be. Madison will grow up knowing this, and she will be proud & appreciative of all the soldiers who have given her these opportunities, like her uncle. she will respect them. and she will honor them. and she will have a thankful heart. if there is one thing i know for sure we will bring her up understanding, it is this.

so this 4th of july while you are enjoying your perfectly crafted red, white & blue outfit, your bbqs, your beers with friends, your beach days, your time off from work with family… take a minute & think of all the men & women who fought & are still fighting for our freedom. take a minute to say a prayer for them & their families. & to be thankful. take a minute to thank a veteran & take a minute to visit one of these sites. hopefully you can find it in your heart to volunteer your time or your money to helping our veterans: The Boot Campaign, The Wounded Warrior Project, The Lone Survivor Foundation.

happy birthday America !!

‘anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. moderation is for cowards’ – lone survivor

round 2round 2-3round 2-7round 2-5round 2-10


miss America onesie / star shorts / boardwalk sandals (on sale now) / gold crown headband (h&m old, similar here)

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