18 months / half birthday

parkpark-7park-5park-2last night while sitting on the couch brian looked over & said that he couldn’t believe how fast Madison became a little person. not a baby anymore, but an opinionated, fully functioning, hilarious, tiny human being. everyone always told us it would go fast, and there were days when I WISHED it would, but you really don’t realize it until it happens. at 18 months baby girl, you have become a mimicker. copying everything that we do. if we yawn, cough or sneeze, you will do the same. you saw me & your grandma chewing gum & began to make that motion as well. watching you learn is as amazing as it is hilarious. it’s almost as if I can see the tiny wheels of your brain processing. you are a lover of applesauce, karaoke, dancing, baby dolls, pizza & being tickled. you also love the bath & never want to get out. you don’t mind wet hair & pruny skin as long as you get bubbles & to splash. you are outgrowing your carrier so fast, and I am missing carrying you around pressed to me as often as I used to. you love to wear hats, but not hair bows. you play beep beep on everyone’s nose & you give high fives to strangers. you have also started your terrible twos a little early & your tantrums are escalating lately. you hate the word “no” and love the word “mine.” we are trying to teach you to share, but you are reluctant to participate in our enthusiasm. you do not like pink ombre rainbow cakes that mommy & grandma slaved over 3 hours to make (in fact it makes you cry when you see them/ 1st birthday cake smash trauma I assume ) but you love ice cream. you are a wonderful sleeper, usually 9-9. your daddy & I thank you for that. you are 25 pounds and wear a size 4 shoe. little foot. I love your giggle & your determination. you are everything. happy 1/2 birthday sweet pea (sorry I am a little late)

1-2 birthday

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