first comes love, then comes marriage

then comes a baby in a baby carriage, but lets back up. to marriage. i absolutely ADORE weddings. everything about them. the engagement stories, the rings, the planning, the showers, the bachelorette parties, the details, the DRESS, the ceremony readings, the kiss, the first dance songs, the photo-booths, the champagne & all the love you can feel radiating between the bride & groom.  & brian and I have had the privilege in sharing in so many of our friends wedding days near & far over the years. we have had some of the best nights ever celebrating with all of you and we are honored to have been able to be present at 15 of them and in 8 over the past 3 years. and to everyone’s we missed, you know we wished we could have been there.

we have two more big ones coming up (and then I see a decline in weddings and an incline in baby showers…) but

1.) my big brother’s in August and

2.) two of our very best friends Jackie & Delia recently got engaged

these two weddings will be close to my heart & have the whole wedding craze back on my brain again!! if you’re in the same boat as us & are looking for great gifts for brides (grooms this means you too…), here are my favorites!

HOORAY weddings!


1. wifey tee 2. taken bracelet 3. Mrs pouch 4. wifey mug 5. wifey tumbler 6. Mrs. slouchy tee 7. coffee mugs 8. Mrs. trucker hat 9. monogram ring dish 10. gold monogram necklace 11. I f’n love you candle 12. wifey phone case

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