first comes love, then comes marriage (part II)

i have become an crazy coffee drinker over the years. I remember not understanding why my parents guzzled down so many cups of that dark bitter liquid and i tried it once only to gag & never make the mistake again. however, after joining the ‘real world’ and now having a baby, I have a better understanding & a greater appreciation of the caffeine packed magic drink. i have 1-2 cups a day now (sometimes 3… terrible I know) and my keurig mini coffee maker is probably the most functional gift that Brian has ever gotten me. it’s probably mad at me for using it so often. and we have standard white. they didn’t have all the fun colors that they have now!!! i want to get a new one in pink for my office. my latest k-cup obsession is the cinnabon coffee, I mean really?! it’s delicious. & you can currently save $2 on any k-cup beverage pack with code AUGSAVE. but where was I going with this?! oh yeah — one of my favorite engagement / wedding gifts for couples is a set of coffee mugs or tea cups. these adorable sets would be a great gift for any duo. so if you know some engaged coffee fiends check these out.


 1.) good morning beautiful/handsome mugs 2.) I love you/I know mugs 3.) hubs/wifey mugs 4.) mustache/kiss mugs 5.) monogram mugs  6.) monogram mugs 7.) bride/groom cup + saucer set 8.) wifey/hugs mugs 9.) I do/me too mugs 10.) mr./mrs. vintage teacups 11.) mrs. fancy pants/mr. handsome mugs


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