she is worthy

i tell my daughter every single day she’s pretty. I want her to know this. I want her to love every single hair on her head, and know that everything she will someday see as an imperfection, I will always view as flawless. I don’t want her to get too caught up on what she thinks she ‘should’ look like. I want her to love herself. and I don’t just want her to actually BE pretty I want her to FEEL pretty. always. I want her to be confident but not side on arrogant. I hope that she will enjoy being a girl, not feel that she is expected to do things a certain way. I don’t want her to ever feel prejudged based on her looks. I want her to go easy on herself. we are, after all, our own worst critic. and I want the man that she will inevitably fall in love with someday to tell her she is beautiful every single day also, for me, because at a certain point I realize my words won’t mean as much to her as they do now.  I want him to love every imperfection the way that I do. to see her flawlessly. because at a certain point, his validation will be everything to her. not mine. so for now, I want to fill her head with so much love that when we reach that point, she will have such a friendship with herself that she will be strong & confident. I want her to do all the things I can not seem to do for myself. I want her to be better than me. and I want to start following my own mother’s advice. to be kinder to myself. to realize I’ve had a baby & I’ve reached 30 & that time will creep up on us even if we aren’t ready for it. and to know that she still loves every single hair on my head. that she will always be my one constant. and that if I ever have a doubt in my head about my worth, or if I am down on myself, she is there to pull me out of it. there isn’t another relationship in the world, like the one you share with your mother. and so I hope that my baby girl hears that she is pretty & loved just a little TOO much, so that it sticks. so that it becomes second nature for her. so that she loves herself completely & entirely. and that she knows she is so very worthy of this.

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