monday in micro fashion / urban princess

ruffle butts-3ruffle butts-4ruffle butts-8ruffle butts-6ruffle butts-10ruffle butts-15ruffle butts-16

aqua princess petti dress (multiple colors available & matching doll dresses too) / salt water sandals / hair bow is home made

this urban princess runs around a concrete jungle day in & day out. her daddy is her prince. but they are friends with dragons. she believes in fairy tales, and swears she always will. she loves to dance under the stars. she hosts tea parties and invites all her dolls & sometimes even the cookie monster. she picks flowers. and sometimes eats them. she twirls. she giggles. she gives herself kisses in windows and says “i madison.” she thinks the rain is funny. she sings songs and her smile melts my heart. she is fearless and curious and wild. i hope that all her dreams come true.

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