bubby’s wedding

she thought her mom looked like a queen, like the star of some fairy tale. not a princess – princesses are just pretty. her mother was beautiful.

i was sitting here thinking of my mom this morning & this quote couldn’t have described more perfectly how i feel about her. how we all do. i wish that even for one day she could see herself through our eyes, so she could understand. but the truth of the matter is it’s hard to age gracefully. i even struggle with it myself at 30. but we must all remember it’s a privilege denied to many. so let us be grateful for each waking day that we get to live. let us rejoice in our memories. let us pray that we get older & older so that we can create more. and let us remember that every line that forms on our face should merely indicate where the smiles have been. if there was one wish i could wish for my mom it would be this, and to know she is so very beautiful. 

this past weekend we had todd’s wedding & i think it started to hit her that her babies aren’t babies anymore. and she realized that time has passed by more quickly than she realized. that we all have our own families now. and he completed his saturday with ashley. who finally, FINALLY is officially my sissy. boy did it take him long enough (even longer than Brian, OY). but we couldn’t be happier for them. this face, says it all from my mom….

todd wedding-96

and for me, i couldn’t be happier for my big brother. i have never seen him happier. ashley has loved todd even at times when he probably didn’t deserve it. she has stood by him over the years through a LOT, she has accepted his kids as if they were her own and she has loved all of them with a tenderness you can’t even imagine – i truly believe she is the best thing to happen to them, all of them. i love her for this. and we are very grateful for her & happy to welcome her into our family officially (because really she’s always been apart of it). so here’s to a lifetime of happiness for them and many more memories with our families to come.

i love you both & enjoy your honeymoon ((make a baby!!)) xx

todd wedding-73 todd wedding-100 todd wedding-102 todd wedding-103 todd wedding-110 todd wedding-121 todd wedding-123 todd wedding-127 todd wedding-128 todd wedding-130 todd wedding-132 todd wedding-136 todd wedding-137 todd wedding-139 todd wedding-143 todd wedding-145 todd wedding-153 todd wedding-154 todd wedding-157 todd wedding-159 todd wedding-160 todd wedding-163 todd wedding-165 todd wedding-166 todd wedding-168 todd wedding-169 todd wedding-170 todd wedding-172

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