monday in micro fashion at the queens farm

i just want to take a minute here to thank the good Lord for making a world with october’s in it. not ONLY is it my birthday month (YAY it’s my birthday month), but it’s full of all the good things in life. like crisp mornings, oversized sweaters, spicy lattes, golden & amber leaves that make for wonderful jump piles, halloween (duh) and PUMPKINS (along with pumpkin carving & baking seeds, and pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin beers). the cool days are perfect for taking long walks & holding hands. because the fall to me is also just the most romantical time of year of ever. it provides you those mornings of extra snuggles when you both want to stay under the covers all day. madison is extra cuddly too, her warm hugs in the fall are everything. i am so lucky that my mom was able to get in some of these hugs this weekend too when she came to visit. how blessed are we that we can all jet around the world to see each other. i don’t take it for granted, ever. i am so grateful we were able to spend the weekend with grammy (or gramimi) and what better way to kick off the fall than with a visit to the pumpkin patch with her at the queens farm!!

gap plaid dress // zara fur vest // gap bear tights // gap brown boots // claire’s hair clip


and we found the easiest way to get madison to eat her veggies… straight out of the ground & as big as she is (and soaked in butter)

pumpkins-40 pumpkins-39Photo Oct 05

and then we danced! OHHH did we dance! this honky tonk band was probably the highlight of her day. she kept grabbing our hands & demanding we dance with her. and as soon as one song ended she started yelling MORE MORE and was very angry about it. try explaining to a 20 month old that we have to wait in between songs (not like my iphone where she can play beyonce on repeat). the they’d start back up again & she’d hit the dance floor running. we had to drag her away from them so we could move on. but she has some pretty sweet moves… so did grammy

we followed that up with a hay ride which she was over the moon about & then some ponies. because who doesn’t like ponies? madison sure does. i wish they had pony rides and the day would have been just that much more magical.

wonderful day full of wonderful memories with grammy at the farm


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