ultimate christmas wish list

we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas & a happy new yearrrrrr, fa ra ra ra ra, and all that jazz! I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME! i have been counting down the days to get thanksgiving out of the way. i mean i am grateful for a 5 day weekend next week, no doubt about that. and i count my blessings daily BUTTTT it seems as if thanksgiving has become a starting gate for Christmas. as soon as we eat the turkey and stuff our faces with pie & wine, the gun goes off and IT’S TIME! BANG, let’s go! and i am in the starting box, fingers down, butt up ready to run into the holiday season in a full sprint (and i don’t even LIKE running). i am also probably over the top this year about the holidays because i think madison this year will be super excited about everything and that makes it two times as much fun. we have plans to do a little black friday madness then get our tree next weekend & exchange our ornaments (we do it every year). we have to go see santa. who i have been trying to explain to madison if she sits on his lap he will give her toys – this sounds extremely inappropriate – and she’s a smart girl & must realize it b/c when i say toys she says “yes santa give me toys” and when i mention lap she says “no lap!!” – we will most likely get another picture like we had last year. we have to see the BIG tree, at the lighting on december 3rd! we already saw some frozen on ice (amazing btw, if it comes to your town go see it). we have some christmas parties to attend and ugly sweaters to wear. and maybe, just maybe SOME ICE SKATING!

here is my holiday wish list this season! & the full version can be found HERE 

holiday wish list

1.) becker sneakers 2.) blanket scarf 3.) party on bottle opener 4.) mini pearl tassel lariat 5.) lots of dots wallet 6.) eat cake for breakfast bangle 7.) snow sneakers 8.) best day ever mug 9.) lodge moccs 10.) coffee first sleep shirt 11.) leopard and red cross body bag 12.) combined hooded parka 

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