thanksgiving hope

i am incredibly grateful for the fact that God has given me enough days in my life to realize what life is actually all about. i am hopeful that all of my selfish mistakes from my youth will be forgiven someday. i believe that people can change, and that i have. and that children are the best kind of redemption. they can alter the course of your life. i am filled with these thoughts this week of thanksgiving, while i hold my sick daughter to my chest. i realize that there is no depth i wouldn’t go or height i wouldn’t climb for her. and i realize that i am not entitled to any of this – all this joy. & that it’s all a gift. well, many gifts. taking the shape of family & friends & immeasurable blessings. nothing i can ever give a proper thank you for either. but the best (and really only) way i know to show my gratitude is to raise madison to be the best person she can be, and to elevate my own standard of living to reflect this. to pass on any knowledge that i have, and all the love in my heart. so that she may have a tenderness for the world, and for everyone in it. to find faith among cynicism. to understand her own worth and know that she doesn’t have to measure up to to anybody else’s standards. and to pray that she doesn’t make the same mistakes that i have made. that she is able to fight through everything out there that is trying to stop her. i hope that she grows up with grace. with roots & with wings. grounded but ambitious. i am so incredibly grateful that i have the opportunity to even wish these things for her. that she is here in the world at all. we have so much to be thankful for. but the greatest of blessings are those which change our hearts, and she certainly has changed ours.

this week, especially during this time of crisis throughout our country, i pray that we are able to release all of our worry and anxiety. God, please help us to focus on all that we have instead of all that we do not. let our hearts be grateful. our minds be at peace. and our actions speak out in love. wrap up your loved ones.

enjoy your time with family & with friends this week/weekend. happy thanksgiving from us xx



gobble gold glitter onesie / moustache skirt (antique mall, gift) / gold bow headband / raccoon plush animal

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