the most wonderful time of the year


so grateful for these people. they have been there for us through our peaks, but most importantly, our valleys. the friendships that stay strong through the darkness are the ones that will ultimately shine the brightest. i am not sure how i would have survived a whole lot of days without them. and i am equally grateful they all share our silly disposition. they are genuinely some of the very best people i know. & with everyone’s busy schedules, night shifts, over time, different cities (even states lol), babies, weddings, engagements and general “life” it’s so wonderful to be able to get together every Christmas to celebrate! and that’s truly what Christmas is all about. Rejoicing in this gift of life. Rejoicing in the birth of Christ. being joyous. and there is not a better way in the world to celebrate than with family & friends. this Christmas i hope everyone remembers the true reason for the season. i hope that our hearts will be filled with love & compassion. i hope that we can find peace and that the delight of the season can be carried with us into the new year. have a very Merry Christmas friends! xx


Christmas party snacks

santa hat brownies

pepperoni balls

north pole cupcakes

hot chocolate recipe (& ideas)

grinch kabobs



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