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i am two raglan / funfetti birthday pancakes recipe 

happy 2nd birthday to our baby girl. who is no longer a baby. i guess she’s just our little girl now. i get sad just thinking that one day the little will drop off that phrase. but i also love watching her grow & discovering new things. just last night she peeled a sticker off her book by herself and she started laughing and clapping and yelled “mommy i did it! all by myself!!” there is something about that kind of joy that is so infectious and that i just know i am going to miss so much some day. it’s bittersweet, i love to see her accomplish things but i also don’t want her to stop asking me to do things for her. for her to need me.

but today, i am so tickled to just celebrate her. all of the craziness that is madison

she loves to fly around the apartment in my heels & butterfly wings. she loves to be tickled and tells us “arms up” so she can tickle us as well. she is obsesssed with her gussy-poo and makes kissing noises and pats her leg so he will run to her. she mimics almost everything we do now. her favorite food is a french fry with ketchup. always with ketchup. the runners up being popcorn & edamame. she also thinks lollis are a long lost food group that needs to be incorporated into daily life. she’s learning to ride her scooter through the city but can’t get enough momentum yet on her own so she prefers i push while she steers (usually into people & storefronts). she is a total daddy’s girl. she says he is her best friend, which makes me smile. she has zero concept of danger & is a complete dare devil. this is hilarious & frightening. she’s going to be able to hold her own out there. her hair is starting to grow more and we can finally put it in ‘piggy tails’ which she loves to say. she points to absolutely everything now and says ‘who dat guy?’ while wanting us to not answer so she can tell us.

“mommy who dat guy?” “idk baby” “a CAR mommy!”

it looks something like that for 24 hours a day. she is obsessed with stickers, princesses (especially ariel), ponies and books! her favorites currently are giraffes can’t danceGod loves you & i do too (read by her family). she loves to hear their voices. we also read a lot of winnie the pooh and press here (which if you have a toddler & don’t own this book by now, go get it immediately.) she also wants to do absolutely everything by herself now. “no i do it” is a phrase heard several times a day, until frustration sets in, then usually we hear “no YOU do it.” she is very affectionate and will grab our face to turn us in for kisses. it is the the most heartwarming thing imaginable. and hearing her say she misses me when i pick her up is the best part of my day. she loves bath time & never wants to get out. she also loves to splash me as many times as possible and do bubble farts (thanks to her pappy, who encourages this on the phone often). she calls me out at the wine store telling the cashiers that i need “mommy juice” every single time. she asks if i need my coffee when we pass starbucks. and she knows how to use a metro card on the train (while screaming OPEN SESAME to the doors every time we stop at a new station). i know i am her mother but i think she is incredibly smart and she surprises me everyday still with what she has learned. sometimes i can’t process how fast it’s all going and how she has changed our life so quickly. i try to be that mother and friend she deserves every day. she tells me i am super pretty, she stops strangers on the street to tell them “that’s my mommy”, and when i ask her “where’s my baby” she points to herself and laughs – i don’t deserve this kind of unconditional love but i am beyond grateful for it. 

happy birthday my little bear. my sweet girl. i love you with my whole heart

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