crows feet, wrinkles & carry on eye baggage (OH MY!)

my makeup routine

1.) mary kay time wise age-fighting moisturizer 2.) mary kay time wise firming eye cream 3.) bareMinerals pure brightening serum foundation 4.) perfecting face brush (for foundation) 5.) benefit boi-ing concealer 6.) bareMinerals touch up veil 7.) bareMinerals blush 8.) nars due eyeshadow (rose gold) 9.) bareMinerals long-wearing eyeliner 10.)  benefit they’re real mascara 11.) fresh sugar lip treatment (in every color)

i’ve never been someone who’s super into makeup. i can’t for the life of me figure out how to use liquid eye liner without looking like a monster. eyelash curlers frighten me. i prefer un-sticky lips that don’t get pink & red all over everything i drink. i usually only wear chapstick. sephora gives me major anxiety. as does passing through the beauty counters in department stores. and although i like the idea of a smoky eye, again… monster. so i guess what it comes down to is i am very unskilled when it comes to makeup application so i keep it very simple. my makeup routine takes about 10 minutes in total, quite possibly less. and also, now that i in my 30’s i have crows feet & wrinkles & too much baggage under my eyes & other unattractive qualities about my face (like a starting to slowly sag neck… WTF i’m 30 not 60!). but i have always thought simple is better as we age. and the mary kay timewise products have made my skin feel great! especially the eye cream. although i truly wish mr. clean magic eraser would come out with a wrinkle eraser i could rub all over my face (i mean seriously you can get ANYTHING off with those things)… until then i guess i have to age as gracefully as possibly & ‘just keep moisturizing’ (sung like dorrie from finding nemo)

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