personal finance robot

so here’s the thing… you’re great, you really are, and so are REAL life financial planners (i just can’t afford to pay you to tell me i should be saving all my money, it seems counterproductive) but the thing is. just because you budget my money on the screen and you tell me where it should go and how much and that weekly i really should only end up with about $2.78 of “fun money” because 50% should go to rent/bills, 50% should go to savings for retirement, 50% should go to college savings for madison & 50% should go towards making smart investments. sometimes, and don’t take this personally, i don’t actually listen to you. you have no real control over my money or where it goes. even when you send me warning emails. i won’t actually be punished if i completely ignore you (which i all to often do.) SOOO i have come up with a new idea for a financial planning software/app. basically this product will work very similar to mint. it will allow me to plan & budget & say i am going to do big things with my money & savings. however, the difference will be. it will in fact NOT allow me to go over my budgets. it will be my debit / credit card robot monster. it will force my cards to decline when i go into saks immediately. if it’s jcrew it will immediately send over security because there is no chance i leave that store empty handed. if i set my coffee budget at $40/month and i walk into a starbucks the counter ladies will tell me to get the hell out, and that madison won’t be able to afford books at school in 16 years b/c i have a caffeine addiction. they will guilt me. and they will decline me. THIS IS WHAT I REALLY NEED. a personal trainer for my finances! someone who kicks my ass into shape, and my wallet to the curb. financially speaking.  because no matter how hard i try to put our money in all the right spots, i also have very little will power when i see a snake skin falabella mini fold over tote. or a pair of really fun, brightly colored (yet functional) sneakers. or if there is a lululemon within 100 miles of my current location. the struggle is real you guys!

so i am currently taking applications for programmers & other insane people like myself to craft this monster. i need the worst of you out there, so we can make sure this thing handles any problems we send it’s way.

this was madison’s direct response to hearing about the finance robot 

Photo Jan 19, 1 20 40 PM

“say what?”

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