Easter favorites

we are gearing up for Easter around here!! madison understands the Easter bunny is coming, even though she is also scared of it at the same time. she also learned from someone that ” the Easter bunny brings me chocolate ” (i blame school) so now, there will most certainly have to be some chocolate in her basket. i am going to attempt this healthy chocolate zucchini bread for an Easter afternoon snack.

excited to try this for egg decorating

this for brunch 

reading these books to Madison & this lenten reflection book from my church

also compiling photographs for this 2015 project-a-day for Lent project

& lots of other Easter ideas here

Easter favorites

1. ceramic egg crates / 2. God gave us Easter / 3. Easter egg sidewalk chalk / 4. prayer journal / 5. toddler chiffon dress / 6. glitter bunny ears / 7. spring stripe spoons / 8. floral toddler dress / 9. monogram jelly cat bunny / 10. bunny candy dish / 11. bunny garland / 12. baby ballet flats / 13. egg decorating set / 14. pastel colored chocolate pretzels / 15. personalized Easter basket

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