tray obsession

with the new house i have been tray obsessed (and pillow obsessed, but if i bring home one more of those brian is going to make me sleep in a pillow fort out back). trays add such wonderful touch of color, or texture to an otherwise ordinary table or vanity. plus some are great for serving cocktails!!! while i lay on the couch & watch reality tv shows & have grapes fed to me, now Brian can allllllso bring me cocktails! ideal. i also love small trays to store jewels and my wedding rings, because i haphazardly take them off a lot and we have had a few scares (shhhh, don’t tell brian, again). also trays are great for keys, to toss on your entry way table. this is my current favorite. and this.

ribbonmade is an etsy shop that creates custom trays with your wedding invitations / a wonderful keepsake or wedding gift for friends & family! we have ours & absolutely love it


1. lagoon lacquer tray / 2. petits secrets porcelain tray / 3. geddes gold square tray / 4. floral patterned tray / 5. wood & metal embossed tray  / 6. moroccan square tray  / 7. fishnet rectangular serving tray / 8. leopard print tray / 9. faux leather tray / 10. posy court square tray / 11. my idea box sign tray / 12. fancy another serving tray / 13. striped terracotta tray / 14. rose print serving tray / 15. pink round tray / 16. wooden tray (on sale now) / 17. shadowlook tray 

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