chloe & isabel bridal collection


it’s FINALLY here!! and it has every bride in mind. the foundation of our bridal look are the heirloom collectibles. vintage inspired, antique pieces make a bold statement but can still be worn outside of your wedding day. jewelry can play so many roles in a wedding. of course the bride is always thinking of her own look, but jewelry can also makes a wonderful gift for a bridesmaid or a mother in law. let me help style your wedding. i am offering a FREE heirloom collectible piece to anyone who connects me with a bride* / these versatile pieces will accentuate your already beautiful wedding with a little bit of special sparkle

you can also view these beautiful pieces this weekend if you’re in the New York area at the Thayer Hotel annual bridal show in West Point. the show is this Sunday April 14th from 12:00-4:00pm. bring your bridal party and meet preferred vendors, sample food and beverage, win prizes and giveaways, and enjoy live music.

Bridal_CollectionInspirationPosters_Gardenia Bridal_CollectionInspirationPosters_Heriloom_w Bridal_CollectionInspirationPosters_SweptAway_w
* offer valid after bridal purchase 

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