HELLO monday + links



derby day had our family betting on 3 horses: american pharoah (brian), firing line (madison said she wanted the pink guy) and frosted (me, b/c well “frost yourself”). and check us in the courier journal (number 67).

it’s no secret i love derby. this year was fairly uneventful for us though, other than a little dress up & some virgin mint juleps for M. but i love to look up the fashion from the day & well the BEST HATS! my favorite looks from the 2015 derby are herehere & here.

and my favorite hats for summer are here, here & here

and the bourbon! kentucky is known for horses, bourbon & basketball (in no particular order) / you can find my favorite mint julep recipe here

and in derby fashion for today, my favorite mint colored styles for spring are here (on sale now), here & here / and some mint colored beach faves here, here & here

wild horse artwork here (all prints are for sale, contact kristen)

derby / horseshoe jewelry here, here & here

running for roses / rose gold faves here, here & here

easy derby pie recipe here (it’s so good, it’ll change your life)

favorite books with horses in the title (this is getting fun huh?!) here, here & here

and lastly kids horse inspired style here, here & here

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