nypd memorial run + links


derby derby-2 derby-3 derby-4 derby-5 derby-6 derby-7 derby-8 derby-9

this weekend we ran in & completed the NYPD Memorial 5k. this was Madison’s 4th 5k since birth & i really can’t wait until she can run beside me instead of in the stroller. her 30 pounds + the strollers 29 pounds has made running, all the more difficult. however i love the versatility of our jogging stroller for the city & hopping curbs & being able to have her yell at me to “run faster mama” / she is my mini personal trainer. i’m also so happy brian got to run with us this year, we ran it together & finished together, sunburns, sweat & all.

other jogging strollers i am loving are here, here & here

best time watches for running here & here

just got these new nike sneaks for brian to start running again / and my favorites here 

new favorite sports bras here (moisture wicking & they have a very slight padding in the front so you don’t have to worry about your perky nipples showing up to say hi) / i like this style also

favorite work out tanks here, here & here

water bottles to get your drink on here, here & here

this is my favorite healthy post workout snack / also this smoothie

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