MDW recap, BBQing on a budget + links




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for those who have given and those who continue to give, we honor you today & everyday

For all of those who put their lives on the line in defense of freedom, past and present, thank you for standing “The Watch.”

For all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, you are not forgotten

so thankful for everyone who has ever stood watch (most especially my brother) and those who continue to do so. i hope that we can honor you all in our every day lives by truly appreciating the freedoms that we are given in this country. i hope that we can continue to raise our flags high, and pray for each other. and i hope that in doing so we can also help the families of so many who have lost loved ones over the years. we are not in this alone.

and for BBQing on a budget… lately we have been total ikea whores. i mean absolutely everything comes from that little swedish warehouse in red hook. we have become slightly obsessed. brian can’t even go on the website anymore without allocating thousands of dollars we need to spend on various items. but for inexpensive patio sets we got this one, and we love it! everything is mix & match, it’s the perfect size for a not so huge backyard & has extenders for when you need more space. the umbrella is also from there, and in my favorite color, duh.

plates & bowls are from the sommar collection & this watermelon tray 

adorable ice pop maker + for the ice pops (slice strawberries, add non fat greek yogurt, a dash of water & a dash of honey… blend… pour… freeze… delicious!)

also an adorable pink ice cream maker here (and a not pink one here)

our grill we found at home depot & it’s a brinkman, we have been very happy with it so far! it’s affordable too!

also if you’re grilling and not using THIS, you’re doing it all wrong

my dad also introduced us to sportula and brian probably needs this for father’s day (brian… don’t look)

this apron is also totally outrageous, so i like it

favorite drink dispensers here, here & here

in ours was a sweet tea lemonade (1/3 sweet tea, 1/3 lemonade 1/3 sweet tea vodka – firefly preferably) and a favorite drink of the Spaniards, tinto de verano (1/2 spanish red wine, we used tempranillo + pellegrino lemonata)

personalized beverage tub here (and 25% off today with code PCPLA25) other favorites here and here / and for parties these plastic tubs are inexpensive & great! (bigger version here)

also a super cute summer shirt for your little here and here 🙂

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