my soccer star + links!

as you can imagine i am pretty pumped to be a soccer mom now. i have been waiting for it, and hoping that she will like it and SHE DOES! she loves it, and she’s actually pretty good (all mom bias aside). she hasn’t completely figured out why someone would want to take the ball from her, probably b/c we tell her every day we need to SHAREEE, and she gets rather mad when it happens – but she’s starting to understand what defense means. she’s also tried her hand a goalie, and says “mommy i’m just like you” which makes my little heart melt into puddles.

derby derby-3 derby-4 derby-6 derby-7 derby-8 derby-9

and OMG my online shopping has suffered this month with being away for work and i have discovered so many new obsessions…

like these sunnies

or this Copacabana pineapple pendant

summer bags, here, here, here & HERE

summer wedding? here

new kate spade BABY (i die) / favorites here, here and here

and the toddler collection here, here and here 

via spiga slingbacks on sale here 

THIS anorak (in love)

toddler girl joe fresh rompers here & here 

“king of cool” for your little man here

minnie mouse poncho towel

60% off toddler clothes at H&M favorites here, here, here & here

this paisley dress 


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