madison learns to fist pump

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AT THE JERSEY SHORE!! Madison took her first trip down the shore this weekend to “Jackie’s Beach” as we will know call it from now on. the house is on the bay with a beautiful deck where we spent most of our time. we brought the blow up pool (this one is a great size for toddlers), set her up with some blow up flamingos thanks to Jackie and she was all set / I also want THIS pool for when we have a bigger back yard someday. highlights of the trip ** madison holding a sand crab that delia caught her ** playing a game of never ending war with jackie while drinking wine out of to go cups ** breakfast on the beach with my little squish ** getting madison out in the bay in a tube after a lot of protesting only to hear her afterward ask to go again and say “we’re not scared” (favorite life jacket for toddlers here) ** tried a new great beer ** watching madison splash & giggle the entire time was priceless. i’m glad she loves to be outdoors & to play. we certainly know how to play! and I am so grateful we have best friends who love our baby so much they let her come everywhere with us (and catch her sand crabs, and sit in kiddie pools, and let her splash them for hours) #lucky

madison’s pink swimsuit is old but you can still get it on ebay here! and the blue heart suit here.

her pink chair is from target, along with her banana romper

my favorite water bottle for toddlers

my ruffled swimsuit is joe fresh / jackie’s is mara hoffman

son of a beach shirt 

d&g sunnies / pink framed ray bans 


favorite summer rompers here, here, here & here

best summer sandals here and here and finally a cute pair of fit flops!!

PS you can also monogram at kate spade now (YIPPEEE)

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