#growoldnotup (part 2)

how awesome is it that madison gets to grow up knowing a great grandmother, and one that’s still kicking it for that matter!?! betty bette is still a mover & a shaker in town. she works 3 jobs & her own radio show (yes you read that correctly). she even has her own song. this weekend we had a big birthday party to celebrate her 80 years of life. she is another example of growing old but never ever UP, and i hope she always refuses to

it was also my nephew tyler’s 16th birthday! a double whammy and his “sweet” sixteen was another milestone i am so grateful we were able to be apart of. he’s part of the new albany varsity football team & an aspiring pilot – he also does a little beat boxing in his spare time “beat boxes don’t have mouths.” brian enjoys adding a little drum rhythm with him & night rider in the background. overall… it’s absolutely ridiculous!

it’s not often we get to spend birthdays together with everyone scattered across the country so this was such a wonderful weekend for me. i wish i could have woken up again today with all of them there. there’s no place in the world that feels like home quite like that. i’m also grateful brian & madison get to know the country – i think brian could get used to it, the crickets & the porch swings, he seemed hooked. only 12 more years 🙂

i also can’t stop staring at madison lately. i’m being that mom who pulls her in for a million hugs & kisses a day because i just simply can’t believe how big she is getting so fast. i savor bedtime when i get to hold her in my arms and kiss the top of her head. she smells like ice cream & wet grass. like summer. like endless fun. like the most wonderful thing in the world. i want to bottle it up. so i can remember it years from now when she’s all skinny jeans & perfume. i want to remember these skinned knees & messy faces. i want to remember wild hair & wet clothes & reckless abandon. i want to remember how she runs over & clings to me for no reason & tells me she loves me. i want to remember the look on her face when she accomplishes something & yells “i doing it mommy” / i don’t want to forget any of this. and so i stare and watch, and attempt to memorize. and my goal for the rest of the year is to simply let her be little more often. be a little less hard on her & a let her have a little more fun. because she won’t be like for this long. i am starting to realize that. and it makes me so sad to think she will ever be anything but this sweet, hilarious little baby of mine.

for sipping dranks on the porch (mens version here)

more favorite tanks for summer here, here and here

the greatest doormat for your home (baseball lover or not!)

new favorite runner sneakers, in every single color!

favorite summer sandal (on sale now!)

sneakers i need for fall

my all time favorite leather studded bracelet is on sale this week only for $19 / very close second favorite here 

THIS bag in green, le sigh

and this tote for work

v-becks knows how to block the sun

but a more realistic new pair here 

currently reading (and about to start this)

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