an urban garden

let me preface this with the fact that i know absolutely nothing about gardening. i’ve killed many cacti in my life (which i thought was impossible) and my thumb is the farthest from green it could possibly be. BUT this baby girl wanted a garden. she’s been asking for a watering can for weeks. i could not deny her this, and so…. we are gardeners. urban gardeners. we bought essentially dead plants (because it’s pretty late in the season to be starting a garden) that are apparently perennials and so i was told they will come back to life & live for many seasons. i’m not sure how a fragile plant can withstand all the potential destruction of my gardening knowledge + the drowning that madison will provide each day + the winter & come back, but i guess we will see how they do! if i can keep them alive i want to also try a few fruits & veggies when the seasons comes around, but well, that is a lot to dream about. all that i DO know is madison talks to her sunflower now and says “i love you little sunflower” and that is all i need to know. we will learn to garden.

& i loved the planter boxes we found at home depot (along with everything else, they have a great garden center!)

mommy & me gardening

kids gardening tool kit

bubble bucket

butterfly cart 

garden tool set & tote

floral watering can & bubble bee watering can

adirondack garden chair

my garden book

super cute gardening hat

copper garden thermometer 

silver watering can 

indoor/outdoor bluetooth plant sensor (i’m gonna need this)

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