halloween recap (onto CHRISTMAS!!!)

halloween eve: a school parade around the neighborhood, followed by costumes at the park & bareburger with friends

halloween: a mumally halloween, hosted by MOMally parenting (if you live in the area and have kids you should join), followed by trick or treating & then pumpkin beers for mom, dad & friends back home

it was an exhausting, super fun weekend filled with sugary snacks (and no naps). i hope she wants to dress up & be silly with me forever!! and seeing her with her friends is the cutest thing. she always wants to hold everyone’s hand lol and doesn’t understand why sometimes people don’t want to hold hands back. she has no concept of personal space (unless you’re invading hers).

her costume is from center stage tutus (they do so many good ones if you ever need a tutu) / sneaks are adidas

her pre halloween tulle ghost dress is from H&M – on sale now for $8.99 (next year!)

my sweatshirt is from skreened

and now…. onto Christmas, my number one favorite Holiday!!! (yes i realize i am jumping thanksgiving)

PS… here’s a plug for my instagram sale @babymadisonscloset for Friday 12pm EST // details HERE

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