4 years ago

happy anniversary to this guy

5 years ago there was this

which led to a whole bunch of these, and then eventually this 

and the next day was rough, but we forgot we were tired quickly

and then this happened  (5 seconds after i showed him the positive test)

we thought that this wouldn’t change us

i grew, and grew, and grew

and he did things he never thought he would

and we thought that this wouldn’t change us

we spent our first year anniversary exactly how we hoped (with a less than favorable outcome for me)

we bet on the game: whichever team wins, they can name the baby (we stuck by this)

i prayed for the little life inside of me, and for my marriage

i prayed that this wouldn’t change us

because US was all i ever knew, and i loved us

and then this happened

and it changed us

in the best possible way

in a way that i thank God for every single day

because us, became more

we became this

a family

and i have loved him more, every second, of every day going forward

i have loved seeing him become a father

watching this man i thought i knew inside out, surprise me

with his warmth

with his love

with his heart

it wasn’t always easy (and we were usually exhausted)

but we did it together

this adventure has changed us

and  long days inevietably turn into 2 years, 3 years, 4 years

our memories are now collective and piece together who we are

he is the first person i would text this to

the one who i know would find this tooth the most adorable thing in the world

and who knows what’s really going on in this photo

he’s the first person i tell everything to to

and our marriage has become about more than us now

now that we are parents our marriage matters more, not less, because now she is counting on us

and we might not be those two reckless kids anymore

but we’ve recreated a new versions of ourselves

ones who now understand the bigger picture

and it’s true, her happiness is our happiness

and even through it all

our love remains

we’ve learned to still make times for ourselves

and of course… some things will never change 


so to the man who has had my heart since the moment i met him, happy anniversary. you’re the best decision i’ve ever made. madison & i love more than you will ever know


(and thank you to Kristen Somody Whalen & Orange Films for making me able to relieve this day anytime i want to, i’m forever grateful)

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