Christmas magic starts NOW!!

she wasn’t excited for the tree. nope. not even a little 🙂 and sorry brian but your tree is going to be forever girly now that Madison can choose ornaments. it’s a barbie & glitter explosion. after every box we opened she asked “is that one mine?!” to which we of course said “yup baby, it’s yours” and she lit up, almost as bright as our Christmas tree. the joy on her face has filled me with enough happiness to get me through the holidays alone. she is so excited for everything. kids are the best.

and when you ask her what she wants from santa she tells you “a bike, a scooter, a singing elsa & a vanity” every time. the girl knows what she wants. she has also agreed to give away some of her toys to the kids who have no toys (reluctantly) // but we sorted through them & she made quite a pile to give, which also warms my heart. the only thing we are still working on – since her birthday is coming up too – is when i ask her who’s birthday is on Christmas she says “MADISON!! and then baby Jesus” she will get it eventually.

here are some of my favorite toddler girl gifts for Christmas

toddler girls gifts

1. gourmet beverage dispenser / 2. glitter high top / 3. softshell ice cream ball / 4. pink radio flyer tricycle / 5. wipe & write ABCs 123s / 6. candy kirby doll / 7. make your own snow globe kit / 8. portable karaoke machine / 9. mini melissa rain boots / 10. baby grand piano / 11. madame alexander doll / 12. unicorn horn / 13. glitter purse / 14. spinny speller 

and here are some of my favorite toddler boy gifts for Christmas

toddler boys gifts


  1. pitching machine / 2. beard / 3. the days the crayons came home / 4. fart blaster / 5. pirate ship / 6. work bench / 7. micro kickboard / 8. DC figurines set / 9. despicable me memory game / 10. construction crane 

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