another #kentuckyfriedchristmas in the books! it was unseasonably warm (it was 60 degrees!) which lead to me sweating profusely through most of my sweaters on the trip, but was so nice for madison to be able to play outside. she wanted to be one of the boys immediately & learned a thing or two about the WWE, campfires, poker, and rolling down hills. she had no problem with this. we are certainly raising a tom boy but one who still loves pink & sparkles. basically, she’s me. she also is obsessed with marshmallows and wants them all day long. candy canes are making their way into daily requests as well lately. and because she was blessed with my unfortunate hair — please excuse our messy mops and bangs in our eyes. we can not help it. i am so grateful for this group of people who have shaped who i am today. without them i would be lost. and for the ability to do this every year & to all come together no questions asked (even just for a long weekend) i am forever thankful. it’s one of the only family traditions we really have and i don’t plan on ever letting it go. i pray for this good life we all lead to continue & that we can always share these moments together.

one down, two to go

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