wednesday wish list

haven’t been keeping up with this enough lately! as madison would say “i will do my best” in 2016

been ramping up my side business lately taking lots of pictures — you can check out some recent work here

all mamas who want to keep baby books but always forget to write in them, this is for YOU

most adorable toddler/baby girl’s swimsuit here

winter activities are on my radar currently — soda tab gemstone necklaces —  snowflake painting — snow paint snowstorm in a bottle

and adjustable activity table as your kids grows!

made this crock pot salsa verde chicken last night, delish! (i added a little chipotle hot sauce to mine)

winter boots/shoes we  need here, here, here and here

leftover items on my gimme gimme list that i feel everyone will adore here, here, here and here

for your work life you need this metallic notebook

and this planner

beer cap map (duh)

DIY skateboard makeup shelf / and ladder shoe rack

affordable new bags here, here and here

yoga mat carrying bag (love)




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