wednesday wish list (valentines’ day edition)


vdaythrowback to 2015 (valentine photos sent to me remotely)

i won’t be with either of my valentine’s again this year. i will be freezing my “hiney butt” off in Toronto working the NBA All-Star game. but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream about fancy dinner on the town (i’ll probably be eating a hot dog on the run in actuality)

if you’re going on a fancy date night RTR has you covered, my favorite valentine date night dresses here, here, here & here

and gowns are on clearance 70% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can someone please throw a black tie happy hour so i can buy one of these. i need this one (or this one… or this one)

and the zara sale is going on now…. it’s the best sale of the year in my opinion. this tote is only $39 (comes in black also) and is my new go-to for the winter / and this jacket (obsessed)

and all the little girls in your life need this shirt #fairytales

and probably these too here and here

valentine sparkle here, here, here and here (come on guys!)

for valentine’s night single / married 🙂 (and these i just adore)

thoughtful gifts here, here, here and here

prints for your home about love – my favorites here, here and here

for your girlfrens!! here, here and here

cards here, here, here and here

and lastly dont’ forget to….



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