today you are three.

you want to be a superhero.

“I am super brave.

I am super strong.

I am super beautiful.

I am super speed (which means fast).

I am super pretty.

I am super smart.

I am super Madison!”

this is your mantra currently, you are obviously super confident as well 🙂

you are so strong willed you remind me of myself. that scares me, and excites me. small minds can’t comprehend big spirits.

as strong as you are, you are also gentle to the core. you love to cuddle as much as you love to play. when you hold my face in your hands and talk to me, i wonder how i ever got through my days without you.

you love marshmallows, mac & cheese and egg rolls. you sleep with 8 strategically placed stuffed animals in your bed every night. they have to be in the right spots before you can lay down. your favorite is oona. you love soccer and doing back flips off the couch. you love any form of art. most currently, spinner art. but you do not like paint on your hands. you’re like your dad in that way. you never like to get too messy. you love stickers & cooking in your kitchen. you make us “hot chocolate” almost every night. you want to help with everything. from taking out the trash to folding your clothes. “i can do that” is your most commonly used phrase closely followed by “what’s up, chicken butt?” you’ve told us you have a boyfriend at school, and you sometimes pick out your clothes depending on what he likes. this almost brings your daddy to tears. you like to sing, and create mashups of 2-3 songs together. you love to dress up & put on (fake) makeup. you always go to daddy afterward & ask him “how do i look?” to which he will always reply “beautiful.” for the rest of your life. you like to do everything that i do, and you told me i am your best friend. i wish with my whole heart you’d say that forever and i could keep you just as you are right now. in this moment, next to me, head on my lap. hand on my hand. skinned knees and messy hair.

but i know that’s not possible. and you’ll continue to grow. continue to test us. continue to do more and more for yourself. continue to become your own little person. and day by day need less and less from us. it’s a bittersweet transition we are entering together. learning when to hold your hand, and when to let go. and although i really want to be your best friend forever, i know that’s not my job. i’m your mom. and that’s a greater bond than any friendship you’ll ever have. because nothing can change it. nothing can make me love you any less. and no one will want the best for you more than me and your daddy.

and there will never be a happier day in our lives than your birthday.

i love you more than you will ever know, my little superhero. you are my heart.

happy birthday

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