lent & easter with a toddler

i really wanted to do something with madison this year to help her start to understand the lenten season & easter. it’s nearly impossible at her age, i realize to grasp the magnitude of these 40 days but i know that she is capable of empathy, i have seen it. and i know that she understands the baby Jesus (as she calls him) loves us. so i set out my goal to teach her a little bit about sacrifice and prayer.


i used a template from catholic icing & then made our own Lenten calendar. i incorporated 3 activities based around the tradition including prayer (P), fasting (F) and service (S). i wanted to make i very personal for her, so i included things like “no juice today” because she really really loves orange juice! and simple activities to serve others that she can accomplish and grasp. we have also begun to highlight the verses we read in her Bible.

we of course are going to dye eggs, and eat chocolate bunnies and have an egg hunt as well. we will probably even make another canvas art project out of used eggs & paint like we did last year. but this year i just felt we needed to try and take it a step further. she is becoming such a good little human.

——– easter baskets

  1. the littlest bunny in (your town) book / 2. bunny robe / 3. bunny ears / 4. peeps pillow / 5. spinner egg art / 6. gummy (bunny) bears / 7. bunny sippy cup / 8. bunny pants / 9. bunny purse / 10. hip hop tee / 11. jelly cat plush bunny / 12.bunny necklace / 13. plush peep / 14. dress up bunny kit

Easter activities & egg ideas HERE

favorite Easter girl dresses HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

favorite Easter boy outfit ideas HERE, HERE and HERE



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