good vibes only, yay spring


as equally terrified as i am excited – our motto for this pregnancy is GOOD VIBES ONLY

after much deliberation, and praying and honestly just total confusion on what was the right decision for us — here we are & here is a little FAQ

we are excited

madison is excited — as long as this new baby is a sister (we are still working on her mentally accepting the fact that it might be a brother, to which she says “i will not share my toys with him”)

we are not finding out the sex

i have felt so/so — much worse than with Madison but a whole lot better than most women who are pregnant so i can’t complain

i am already showing (so early!!)

we can’t agree on names (again) so most likely this child will be named by madison when it’s born, therefore it’s name is going to be “baby peachy” if i had to guess — she names everything after fruit

i haven’t craved anything other than brussel sprouts from time to time — my favorite BS recipe here

and i am so excited spring is here even though i’m going to sweat it out through the summer, below are some of my favorite spring/summer dresses for toddler girls

toddler girl spring dresses


1.) prima bellarina dress 2.) flutter sleeve a-line dress 3.) pleated dress in blue 4.) color block pleat dress 5.) stripe dress 6.) lemonade knit dress 7.) plaid drop waist dress (40% off with code FFCARD) 8.) contrast print dress (multiple colors) 9.) floral flutter shirt dress 10.) watercolor print floral dress 11.) pineapple tank dress 12.) pineapple shirt dress 13.) crocheted knit dress


and a cute spring rain coat here too

and this jumpsuit

and this tote bag


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