today i’m struggling with how to explain the Bible to a toddler. i know what passages mean to me but i don’t know how to explain them to a little person. last night we were reading Mark 12:30-31 and talking about “lov(ing) thy neighbor as yourself” when Madison said “except strangers mom – we can’t love strangers. we don’t talk to them.”


how do you explain context to a child? that something can mean something in one situation but not necessarily in another. how can i teach her the literal vs. the moral of a Bible story. basically how do YOU study the Bible with your children? i am interested in any and all suggestions. Madison wants to read it every day

i have been enforcing prayer though & trying to enforce gratitude but we have a long way to go on that front. thanks to sarah tucker though i found these amazing prayer journals (from val marie paper) that i have been shoving in the face of all of my God fearing friends & family. they are amazing. this one is going to be in madison’s easter basket, this one i purchased for myself, and this one i am encouraging for all newly married couples (and even old married couples).

in other news, it’s 70 degrees today which has inspired me to check up on my spring wardrobe. this year it will consist of flowing dresses as i grow (and sweat) more and more.  first things first… SHOES

spring shoes.jpg


  1. plaid espadrille
  2. rose gold athena slide
  3. well stepped flat in tomato
  4. kelsi dagger metallic wedges
  5. perforated leather heel
  6. asymmetrical wrap sandal
  7. toms chambray open toe alpargatas
  8. medium heel shoes with bow
  9. metallic slip on sneakers
  10. tribal tassel sandals
  11. gold & white sandal

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