thoughts on family & a birthday party

yesterday after spending the day with my extended family i started really thinking about what family means. lately we have been over the place. we are all so busy in our respective lives and we all have our own busy schedules to keep. sometimes we forget how important phone calls & text messages can be. we forget that all too often the smallest form of communication can mean the most. we forget to check in on each other – we forget to be there for each other. because we are ‘too busy’ / our problems become the only problems and sometimes we build up resentment toward one another that is hard to break back down.  and sometimes people just aren’t wired the same. sometimes we expect too much (or too little) from each other and even though we don’t always realize it, this can weigh us down. the truth is that no matter how we are feeling towards one another, nothing should trump the fact that we are family. and that forgiveness in all it’s forms is so important. for issues small and not so small.

our Easter Sunday sermon really set this in  motion in my head recently. Our pastor said

we have a mistaken notion that forgiveness concerns the healing of the past, but that’s not it at all.  The past is done and gone, it can’t be changed.  Forgiveness gives us back the future.

forgiveness is about moving forward.

so in our everyday lives i pray that we are able to overlook the small things and that we are able to check-in with ourselves and each other much more. that we forgive each other our shortcomings and instead praise our efforts. when all is said and done, family is really the only constant. the one you are born into, and the one you choose. i am grateful for both of mine.

and happy happy 6th birthday Cait. holding you in my arms 6 years ago was the first time i ever thought, hmmm, i think i might want one of these. now a daughter later and one child on the way, i can’t believe how you’ve grown. your kindness and sweet nature still baffle me at your age. and your patience and love for madison warms my heart. so happy birthday you sweet gentle soul. i hope the world never changes you. xx

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